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From the earliest stages of life, we prioritize developing and maintaining healthy smiles. Our children’s dentistry services are meticulously crafted to instill excellent oral hygiene habits that will benefit your child for a lifetime. We encourage parents to begin dental visits as early as age one to establish positive experiences and habits. This early investment in oral health is crucial for preventing dental issues and promoting overall well-being. At Clark Family Dental, we embrace the uniqueness of every child and extend a warm welcome to those with special needs, providing gentle and personalized care tailored to their individual requirements.

Clark Family Dental in New Lebanon

Digital X-rays

Our children’s dentistry services include digital and panoramic X-rays. These imaging techniques help us assess their dental health comprehensively and ensure accurate diagnostics. We prioritize their comfort during the process, making it stress-free and efficient. With our focus on advanced technology and gentle care, we provide a positive dental experience for kids.


Our comprehensive hygiene services are delivered with a gentle touch, ensuring soothing cleanings and utilizing innovative tools like the Cavitron to make the appointment quick and painless. This advanced dental tool employs ultrasonic vibrations to effectively remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria from teeth and gums. Additionally, using Intraoral Cameras allows us to capture detailed images inside the mouth, enhancing our ability to provide enjoyable and educational dental visits for your kiddos.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments are essential for maintaining the health of young smiles. By strengthening teeth and preventing decay, these treatments provide vital protection to kids’ teeth. We tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of each child, ensuring comprehensive care and promoting optimal dental health for a lifetime of happy smiles.


Protecting your kiddos’ smiles during sports is crucial. Our custom-made sports mouthguards provide superior protection, keeping your little athlete’s teeth safe while they play. Our personalized approach ensures a comfortable fit and optimal protection, giving you peace of mind as your child enjoys their favorite activities.

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